About Us

We appreciate the search for a healthier and more harmonic body. That is why we considered the selection of the most practical models of a garment that has accompanied us in the social life for centuries. Our concept is practical: To provide you a pleasant and safe experience with a product of advanced material and manufacturing.


We selected the best Colombian Fajas because of the global impact this brand has and its preference in the United States. This is how we adopted its fundamental orientation to the post-surgical use, so close to our valuation of health and beauty.


Our collections are known for their effectiveness in controlling the shape of the body after plastic surgery such as Liposuction or Tummy Tuck. Each faja is made with special fabric that exerts the exact compression on every point where it should be applied, while protecting the skin from damage. These features promote healing and prepare the body for maximum results from the surgery.


Additionally, Colombian fajas provide a wide selection of styles and designs for different female figures. They are also valued for use after childbirth, in the gym workouts and daily.


All fajas are 100% Colombian and we ship them from our distribution center in Miami.


Thousands of people need the most outstanding results from their surgery or simply an effective help in the endeavor to improve their bodies and in that manner their wellness. Why not bring them closer to their dream? This is what we focus on.