Why should I wear a compression garment after surgery?

The best results from reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries are achieved when there is good wound healing and proper recovery care. It has been proven that the consistent use of post-surgical and compression garments is one of the most important resources for both processes.


How does the garment help my recovery?

Plastic surgery involves discomfort and risks that can best be managed by wearing a compression garment. Swelling, for example, can be greatly reduced. Compression speeds up blood circulation and helps remove fluid from the body during recovery. It also decreases the risk of blood clots.

Typical discomforts when resting, moving, or making sudden movements after surgery, such as sneezing and coughing, are controlled by the garment with great relief to the patient. The overall result is that the wound has better conditions to heal quickly and less risk of injury, while the body adapts to the shapes that are intended.


What surgeries are recommended to use the girdle for?

The compression garment is widely recommended by plastic surgeons. It is used during recovery from breast augmentation, breast reduction, liposuction, tummy tuck, and a variety of other cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, as well as gastric bypass procedures.

Doctors also recommend the use of a compression garment to improve the quality of life in cases of varicose veins, burns, and lymphoma.


What kind of girdle should I wear?

There are different types of compression garments. It is important you ask your surgeon or your patient coordinator about the most appropriate girdle and size for the procedure you are having. If you don't use the right girdle, it can damage.


Is it enough to buy just one compression garment?

Colombian fajas have a high quality of fabric and manufacture. This makes them useful and lasting. However, in practical life it is advisable to have two girdles. After surgery fluid mixed with blood appears, something normal, but the garment can get stained and you must wash it. Washing is generally needed to maintain hygiene. Meantime, the wound can keep protected if an additional garment is available. In other possible situations, having two girdles helps, like when travelling.


How do you recommend washing the girdle?

There are simple instructions to wash your compression garment without damaging it. Use low temperature and the gentle cycle of the washing machine. To preserve the quality of the fabric, do not use softener or bleach.


What color is the most recommended?

The colors especially recommended are beige and nude because they are the most discreet underneath the wear, with a smooth look when dressed. White is not even noticeable under white clothes. Black is only recommended if you are going to wear dark clothes.


Should I put my girdle on while I'm working?


Absolutely! The Colombian faja is designed precisely to protect the wound and shape your body anywhere, without limiting activities. A continuous use helps to speed up the healing and recovery from your surgery.


Can I use the girdle to sleep too?


You shouldn't wear a girdle while you're sleeping. Sleep is not only necessary for the health of the brain; it also relaxes the muscles and the body, in general, has a recovery time. That's why it's recommended not to use too tight underwear for sleeping.


Does the girdle help me lose weight?


The Colombian faja works specifically to help control your figure and shape your body. It is not a means to losing weight, as neither is plastic surgery. You lose weight with treatments based on diet, nutrition and exercise, under supervision of a doctor.


Does Topcolombianfajas also sell in department stores?

No. We selected the best Colombian fajas for a wider access. In all places the sales are made through our online store.